St John

Structural Engineer

BE (Hons)



At Structex, Emily is looking forward to leveraging her diverse background and passion for sustainability by contributing innovative structural solutions that not only meet the highest standards of functionality, but also enrich the human experience and enhance the broader landscape of our built environment.

Emily joined our team February 2024 after taking a 3-month break following her final year of university. She is passionate about developing sustainable engineering solutions with an interest in exploring the intricate relationship between structures, user experience, and environmental impact. Thru a particular appreciation for timber, Emily strives for natural elements to be fused into design to foster a sense of connection for our built spaces with nature.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Emily is drawn to maps, planning, and the thrill of exploration. Whether its problem solving as part of a team or embarking on a solo outdoor adventure, her mindset is constantly geared towards maximizing resources, saving time, seeking efficiency, and coming up with innovative solutions. On the weekends, you'll likely find Emily immersed in adventure sports or connecting with friends. From long bike rides to overnight hikes, she’ll grasp any opportunity to try something new and discover the wonders of our backyard.