Our Footprint

Join us on the journey of reducing our environmental footprint.

Structex acknowledges our contribution to climate change, and we have a responsibility to commit to a journey of change to reduce our environmental footprint. As structural engineers we play a pivotal role in the composition of our built environment that endures far beyond our individual careers.

Our team enjoy pushing the boundaries to explore sustainable engineering solutions, and incorporating these into our day-to-day designs, in conjunction with developing and integrating internal sustainable business practice.

Changes that we are embarking on:

To our service offering:

  • We continue to build on our expertise in the design of engineered structural timber which provides a means of reducing embodied carbon in buildings
  • Informing clients of the relative environmental footprint of concept design options, by incorporating embodied carbon as an additional influencer (on top of buildability, cost, time etc)
  • Establishing embodied carbon reporting of the primary structure materials for new buildings within our standard documentation package
  • Investing in upskilling all our technical team to enhance our service capability and understanding in this area

To our business operations:

  • Commitment to measure and monitor our operational environmental footprint, and implement strategies to reduce over time
  • We are actively researching certification schemes with the intention on committing to meaningful long term change
  • In 2021 we became an investor of the Sustainable Business Network to gain access to relevant tools and resources supporting us on our journey, and actively engaging in feedback to the Network. This has been renewed for 2022.
  • In August 2022 we became a carbon partner with The Native Forest Restoration Trust with a specific interest in the Purple Peak Curry Reserve on Banks Peninsula.

We are making good progress on this journey, and we are committed to keep improving! Watch this space for updates along the way.